5 Questions to Ask Your Fake Degree Provider

Getting fake degrees is now easier than ever before. However, it doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be careful while getting them. There are several fake degree providers, but the need to filter out the genuine ones who will give you a valuable document for money is also high. To filter out the genuine fake diploma and degree providers, the best method is to question them directly. Additionally, one can also go out to have a background check of the degree provider before finalizing the deal.

In case you are wondering about the facts you should check or the questions you should ask to make sure about the fake degree provider, here are some questions that would help.


One of the most important points that one needs to keep in mind is the experience of the provider. It allows you to gauge the quality of the fake degrees. The more experienced the degree provider is the better value of the degree. With experience, most degree providers tend to perfect the art. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of colleges and universities and only a company that has been around for a long time will know what they all should look like.


References are important to judge the quality of one’s work. This is true in almost every situation, and fake degrees are no exceptions to this. It is important to have the right kind of references in order to know the degree provider better. You can ask the service provider himself for references and or do a little research on YouTube as one of the companies has even had a news report done on them by FOX News.

Review Proof:

When it comes to fake college degrees and transcripts, it is important to review the copy before finalizing it. You should check the final copy for any mistakes that might turn out to be big problems. Here comes the part where you should have an actual degree handy to compare and match. Check the seal too, to make sure the fake degree looks as genuine as possible.

Provided Documents:

There are several packages that rule over the documents you will get. Some degree providers provide just the degrees, and some provide just the transcripts. You can also get both the documents if there is a provision for the same. It becomes important on the degree receiver’s part to make sure they have bought the right package to get the right set of documents.

Time Needed:

The last but not the least, it is important to know the time the degree provider needs to deliver you the fake degree. Getting a fake diploma or degree is just like any other service and it is important to know the time required to get the complete product. While you are at it, know about the shipping options in detail.

These are the 5 major questions you should ask your fake degree provider. There are a plethora of options, but filtering out the right ones will make sure you have a fake degree as close to the genuine as possible. Apart from these questions, you should also make sure the process is entirely discreet. It is a matter of important life decisions and asking the right questions will make the matter easier on your part.