7 Simple Steps to Turn Your Blog into a Branded Blog

The word ‘brand’ sounds like a complex notion and it is quite acceptable in both offline and online world. A blog is a unique step to build brand recognition and grab a good position in the market. To support the whole structure and strategy, developing a brand for your blog becomes essential and requires a huge potential.

A brand is an entity that prospers with time and becomes the symbol that is looked upon as a provider of quality, efficiency, and trust. More pragmatically, the brand makes a buyer choose one company over another even if it is expensive. In the following there are some points that will help in the promotions by developing a brand for your blog.

The points ahead will assist you in great platform for your blogs that will captivate your audience and help your brand get more focus along with your perfectly scripted and effectively managed blog pages:

1: While on the path of developing a brand for your blog, remember consistency is vital. Though it might sound crazy, but it’s seriously important! It’s not an overnight success trick, but will surely help you land up as a brand. Being consistent develops the trust factor and in the branding marathon, running with a consistent long-term plan will take you to success!

2: Every writer and blogger has a special factor that makes their style irreplicable. When it comes to branding a blog, your voice makes it stand ‘out of the crowd’. The voice tone gives a unique dynamism to your brand as no two people have same tone, same verbiage, or same approach. Never underestimate the potential of your voice, first find it then indulge!

3: The next essential ingredient is your header. Header is the ultimate thing a visitor sees on landing on your blog page. So, start with a well designed logo and a tagline for the perfect fit for the page. Your header is a qualifier for visitor that determines the stay or leave effect. Limit the style to make it legible and easy to read in milliseconds.

4: Fonts can ‘make it or break it’, pick an elegant and easy to read one and use it regularly. Without specific fonts for different elements on your blog your brand will lack the structure for growth. Consistent font usage will make your blog easy to read and scan as well as build brand recognition with familiar topography.

5: Colors dazzle our senses and bring out the liveliness in our life and so it does to a blog. Be precise in the selection of color palette for a visual delight and give your brand an identity of its own. After defining your color palette for logo, calls to action, fonts, backgrounds, highlights, links, and buttons. Consistently pep up your blog with elemental colors and keep on making it interesting!

6: Blogging is just not the plain text but a combination of images, videos, charts, slides, templates, etc. Eye catching contexts make blog visually more appealing and always remember “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The 4 important elements that leverage your brand power are template consistency, branding stock photos for a signature style, share worthy images and watermarking for brand recognition. These points will whip up your blog.

7: When all set, beautify the presentation with decorative elements. When branding a blog, add frames, background patterns, bullet points, banners, separators and icons that will for a perfect finishing touch. Make sure for developing a brand for your blog, social profile buttons are added that are linked to your specific social profiles that makes your navigation easy on social platforms.

Final Thought: When ready to develop a brand for your blog, start with your voice, religiously maintain the consistency and strategically add on the other elements to maintain the perfection in the flow. Lastly, add some spice of originality and distinct ideas for an amazing visitor’s experience!