Sport a Dynamic Fashion with Military Apparel: Army pants, Jackets, Camouflage & Much More!

The military apparel styling has always remained popular. The world of fashion has been much influenced by military clothing designs and patterns, mostly because of its mass appeal. That makes military clothing suitable for all age groups. Whether you are young, middle-aged, or kid, army pants are very fashionable stuff that redefined fashion in all its senses. Enhance your wardrobe and upgrade your styling sense along with stylish and fashionable army pants and other military apparel. Team up the pant with a solid dark color t-shirt and flaunt a new and sober look. You will utterly look classy and smart yet interesting in these army pants. People who choose to wear comfortable and casual clothes will find these outfits extremely fascinating and comfy.

Understanding the History behind BDU or Army Pants

BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform. This was the standard military uniform used by the U. S. Armed Forces from the year 1981 to 2005. After 2005, the standard BDU has been replaced in the U.S. military, but they continue to be used in other countries. You can find many military forces of various countries using these uniforms till now. Today’s BDUs use a dye that prevents detection from Near-Infrared Image Converters. This helps militants avoid detection by allowing the blend in with the surrounding with the same radiation level.

Research is still ongoing to design better camouflage patterns. The Desert BDU was designed in the year 1960, and the night-time desert grid was introduced because of this research. Both of these patterns were used by armed forces during the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Now it is evident that the development of arm pants was not sudden. It was a slow and continuous process.

General Norman Schwarzkopf modified the Desert BDU, which resulted in its modification of the desert grid, which was made with pure cotton poplin and without the reinforcement panels. These modifications in both the designs were to accommodate desert combat conditions. These desert BDU’s were discontinued at the end of the war.

Then the Desert Combat Uniform (DCU) was introduced in 1992. This tri-colored camouflage pattern was carried by forces during the Somalia War and at the start of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then a major replacement took place, and the DCU was redeemed with the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) and the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). The DCU was referred to as “coffee stains” by armed personnel.

New camouflage patterns, especially army pants, have been developed for two reasons. The first one is that there was an extreme need for branches of the military to differentiate themselves, and another is advancement in camouflage research. We can say that these two reasons have completely revolutionized the need and use of military apparel.

The Marine Corps were the first to move away from the BDUs and adapting the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniforms (MCCUU). Digital patterns like MARPAT are used in these advanced uniforms.

Digital patterned uniforms were adapted by the navy in 2007. These Navy Working Uniforms (NWU) was designed in grey and blue color to hide stains, wear well and also to make the sailors a less visual target.

How to Decide your Style Statement with Military Apparels?

After understanding the evolution of military apparel, you will be the one to decide how to style these super comfortable and durable outfits. If you are now comfortable wearing army pants, then you must go ahead. The army pants are back in fashion these days. These stunning pants look good on men, women, and even kids if styled properly. Versatile looks can be created using these pants and other military clothing. A wide array of designs and styles in military clothing and army pants are available both in online and offline stores. Drop Zone Army/Navy is one such online store that offers military apparel and army surplus garments at an unbeatable price. It is a must-visit store if you are a fan of camouflage patterns and designs. But it would be better to decide prior to the specifications in military clothing that you are looking for and where or when you are going to use them. These considerations will help you a lot while choosing army apparel for yourself.

Also, having answers to these questions can help you easily create your own style line along with army pants, t-shirts, and other related outfits.

Some brands and fashion designers have revolutionized these military clothes and made a special and unique place in the fashion world. They have experimented with various colors and created designs that can are head-turners for sure. These comfy clothes have an elite look and define a class. Army pants, shirts, and t-shirts are the most common choice for casual wear. Military versions of these outfits will add extra color, vigor, and diversity in your wardrobe.

You can also go for army surplus items that usually the surplus goods, which have been disposed of by the army management. All these apparels are put together in a store and are sold out at rock bottom prices. Surprisingly there is a huge demand for army surplus clothes. You can also find a great increase in army patterns and designs for kids too. A variety of options are no available for them both in online and offline stores. Army apparels such as army pants, t-shirts are in huge demand as they are super comfy and offer a cool and decent look at these modern kids.

How Military Outfits Influence Kids?

Many Kids are fond of real-life superheroes and love to get dressed up as Army officers. Further, when our kids come across the daily news report of how our army officers or sergeants serve our nation, they get inspired. In short, our kids idolize these real-life superheroes.

So, it is our duty as guardians not to curb their feeling of patriotism for the nation. Hence, when your child approaches you to get dressed up in military attire, buy him/her one.

The kids’ army costume is the replica of attire worm by real military infantry.

These vintage army costumes for kids are also ideal attire for Halloween or any fancy dress competitions.

Army Pants for Men & Women

The primary cause behind the popularity of military-style clothing is the versatility it offers to your wardrobe, starting from the army pant to the waterproof garments, everything is really unique and classy. You will not find these garments in normal stores. The comfort level and the protection offered by these army pants and other related clothes are incomparable compared to other available regular apparel. Army clothes are the best choices to combat troubling elements and provide comfort in extreme conditions. These are must be the probable reasons behind the rising fame and demand for surplus stores.

Other garments, such as hooded items, are much popular among the youngsters. The army surplus clothing line is equally appreciated and used by people from all age groups.

Army surplus stores are the best places to seek out the collections of army pants and other camouflage clothes, especially for men and women. The contents of this store will also show you exceptional dresses apart from the regular traditional stuff that you usually come across. Things like military bags, shoes, etc. are also available at these stores. Large rucksacks really offer much more functionality. You can also make it your travel companion. The range of military clothing variety is increasing in a consistent way and giving options for men and women to style in numerous ways and create their own style statement. Define your one sense of fashion with military-grade clothing like army pants, shirts, and accessories and stand out from the crowd. After understanding military fashion for men and women, we must discuss army costumes for kids as it will give you various info to style your champ.

Let’s take a Dig into Different types and components of kids’ Army Costume

Kid’s tactical cross draw vest: These are the replica of real military vests worn by soldiers in war. It carries pockets and pouches for carrying pistols, shells, and normal-sized magazines. It generally zips up in front and provides scope for ventilation.

Kid’s Camo T-shirts: These T-shirts are similar to the ones worn by soldiers but only differ in size.

Military boots: These boots are durable and also provide proper traction as compared to other boots. Further, the military boots designed for kids look exactly like the real boots worn by soldiers on duty.

Ghillie Suits: Kids are very fond of it. Nothing can provide perfect camouflage than these suits. Real-life soldiers wear them while on a hunt or while patrolling the territory. Kids love to wear these suits while playing any secret combat game.

Gloves: It is a vital part of army costume while on duty. It protects the wrist from cold and also keeps your hand clean. Gloves are one of the vital elements of the kid’s army costume. And kids can wear them on any occasion.

Pins, patches, and flags: Decorate your kid’s military attire with the pins, patches, and flags of their choice. It is one of the best ways to show appreciation towards one’s nation, and it gives a sense of pride to the little ones on wearing them.

Patrol Caps: The military attire is incomplete without proper headgear. So buy patrol caps for your kids to complement the attire.

Why Military Clothing is an Ever-Green Fashion Influencer?

Military clothing constantly has in trend among people because it is easy to wear and no longer comes in boring colors. Looking at its increasing popularity, many regular clothing manufacturers have incorporated military designs in their business.

These clothing are extremely affordable and practical as it can be used in any function and daily wears. Manufacturers also have designed these clothing with many pockets for the convenience of storing different items with you. Army pants, t-shirts, and army sweatshirts were designed in such a way that it will last long with repeated wear and tear. They were also good to combat any kind of extreme weather. They also offer the best upper body while allowing you to be super comfortable.

Tips to be followed before buying an Army Pant

Fitting: Check if the attire gives a comfortable and snug fit to you and does not hinder free movement. One should also check whether the costume is properly sewed or not. Check for any default in sewing.

Quality: Check for the quality of the material used for designing the costumes. In most cases, the material is of top quality. But still, the attire should be purchased according to the temperature differences amongst various countries while shopping online!

Complete Package: Many a time, people notice every detail in military costumes. This could include flags, badges, sew, etc. on rank insignia. Hence, buying a military pant includes color and all the specifications.

Benefits of Buying Army Pants

Durable: Most of the army pants are durable and will last long.

Affordable: The army pants are affordable and come within a reasonable budget, similar to other general pants.

Multi-utility: The army pants have multi-utility. Apart from serving as regular outfits, these pants can be used in various outdoor activities, parties, and Halloween parties too.

Customization: The army pants also offer the opportunity for customization. In short, you can customize some part of the costume if you wish.

Gift items: The kids’ army attire serves as ideal gift items on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Halloween.

Challenges while Designing Military Apparels

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers usually face while developing these military clothes is that they must be appropriate for the wearer no matter what situation the clothes are to be worn. Developing durable and comfy clothes also became a major concern. Heavy military clothes for cold countries is also a major challenge it must be turned into lighter and more breathable ones for armed forces deployed in hot and humid countries.

The army apparels for soldiers are not that affordable, but as discussed above, the army surplus store is a way to get those clothes at a very pocket-friendly price. Buying clothes from military surplus stores enable you to deal with the same durable and quality as of soldier’s clothes at an unbeatable price compared to other stores. These clothes also offer the same comfort and consistency you usually look in your clothes. Army surplus, along with other army gear, can also be bought in army clothing sales stores. These are really helpful, especially for the outdoor enthusiast or the sporting man. The biggest advantage is that you get this durable gear for a cheaper cost than other sporting brands.

Women Endorsing Army Pants

Even women have fallen in love with army apparel such as army pants, t-shirts, and many stars in the celebrity world, and fashion icons can be seen on the runway and in public sporting these army clothing. Nowadays, Army girlfriend clothing is in trend. You can see many young stars sporting it with various styling accessories. The most common army apparel is army pants, cargo pants, and structured military jackets. They are usually styled with flip flops and boots. Due to the diversity of army clothes, many designs can be created, and this is surely the prime reason why women of different age groups taking an interest in these apparel.

Demand for military surplus comes from survivalists, collectors, and fans of airsoft and paintball guns. Drop Zone Army/Navy is one such surplus store that offers quality army apparel at an affordable price. Surplus stores are also preferred by persons who seek high quality and sturdy military issue clothing. Surplus stores sell garments and items that are both used and purchased but unused and no longer needed. These stores are usually called army-navy stores.

Usually, the goods for sale at a surplus store are not the current issue. If a surplus of any material is generated for military use and it cannot be disbursed, then you might find it in a military surplus store. Prices are unbeatable at surplus stores, but the product is of high quality.

These popular surplus stores were formed after the First and Second World Wars. When these wars reached its end, the government has left with an immense amount of surplus of military clothing and other military goods that are of no use. Then Store owners started buying the surplus products from the government to sell in their respective stores. This is how surplus stores came into existence. And because of which now we are able to style such great quality apparel at just a throw-away price.


There is no new about the military styling being presented at various fashion weeks and also being adapted for any casual day or outing. Yves Saint Laurent brought this amazing army-style to everyone’s attention. Till then, this style has been in its pick. Usually, common people like to buy army pants, t-shirts, and jackets that offer them a casual and bold look all at a single go.

People admire those in the navy and army, so much so that they want to wear clothing these heroes wear. Going to a surplus store like Drop Zone Army/Navy can help people find army and navy clothing. These stores offer army pants, military jackets, outerwear, boots, t-shirts, camouflage, hats, and many more.

Military attire utters about its persona and makes you look smart. No doubt you and your kids will be the cynosure of attraction on sporting it. Also, it serves as an ideal gift item on any occasion. Further, military attire comes with easy maintenance and is the durability that makes it a super option for fashion and comfort. Choose your apparel now. Happy Shopping!