Chronic Neck Pain and its Impact on Quality of Life

In the present scenario, chronic neck pain can cause not one but several injuries like headaches, cognitive fog, TMJ and upper back pain. Office and workplace is the primary sector or birthplace of chronic neck pain.

Recent reports and statistics state that-

  • 74% of the working population said that chronic neck pain impacts their energy level.
  • Almost two-thirds (59%) reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life.
  • 70% said they have trouble concentrating.
  • 86% reported an inability to sleep well.
  • 70% said they have difficulty in concentrating.
  • More than three-quarters of patients (77%) reported feeling depressed.

Most Americans choose to turn to the drug cabinet to fight these post chronic syndrome. Painkillers might be useful in confronting the pain at that instant, but it doesn’t kill the root cause.

Here are specific solutions to help eliminate triggers and remove the underlying cause.

Ergonomics That Are Helpful For Neck Pain Sufferers in Houston

Most office going people work either on a desk, or phone, or a computer. Their work involves sitting straight for hours. The unnatural postures can increase the pre-existing and underlying conditions. There are not one but several ways to exacerbate the chronic neck problems.

  1. Ensure that the chair you work on has lumbar support. People tend to slouch while they work. Slouching can lead to natural bends and curves in the lower portion of the back. The pressure on the muscles and the discs can create stress on the rest of the spine along with the neck.
  1. The computer must be in level with the eye. The cervical muscle stress due to a higher or lower angle can escalate the neck pain problems.
  1. Typing all day can also increase chronic neck problems. Ensure that the elbows are resting on either the armrests or the table while you are typing. This will help control the pressure building up in the upper shoulders. If the arms are not in suitable positions, irresistible pain can arise due to contractions in the top muscles.
  1. Prefer using a headset or in-ear headphones to talk on phones if you work in service centres. Lateral bending of the head is bad for neck joints and the cervical spine muscle.

The root cause of chronic Trauma And Neck Pain in Houston

A human head can be compared to a 10-13 pound ball that rests on the top bone of the neck on the spine. Whiplash traumas in the softer tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles can damage the body internally. Such injuries can cause structural instabilities to the joints. This results in vertebral misalignments and functionalities in the muscle spasm due to delicate tissues.

Again, it has not one but several side effects throughout the system neurologically and can cause a host of other problems apart from neck pain. Neck pain must never be taken lightly in any manner. Consult a doctor immediately if the pain continues.