Everything You Need To Know About Colloidal Silver Cream and Its Uses

Colloidal silver gel/cream is a traditional alternative remedy used to treat various infections & diseases, ranging from flu to cancer. Before modern antibiotics were developed, people preferred to use colloidal silver solutions as an all-purpose remedy. Since then, colloidal silver products are in great demand.

At present, you will come across a wide variety of colloidal silver creams in the market. Individuals buy colloidal silver cream as an effective alternative to treat common health issues. However, you need to buy the right colloidal silver gel to avoid any controversial side effects.

How Colloidal Silver Cream Is Useful For Body?

Colloidal silver is an essential mineral supplement which involves suspension of silver particles in a liquid medium. You can find colloidal silver in several forms such as gel, cream, ointment, nasal spray, and topical spray. According to a research report, colloidal silver heals the body in various ways, but among them the following three are primary.

Binding with DNA

It is still a mystery, how the colloidal silver binds to the DNA, without even breaking the hydrogen bonds. It nevertheless prevents the DNA from unwinding. Indeed, the cellular replication process is initiated, because of the binding.

Reacting with bacterial cell membranes

It is observed that, colloidal silver particles highly react with bacterial cellular membranes. The reaction undergoes for a while and results in the respiration-blocking effect.

Catalytic oxidation

Colloidal silver particles have a nature to hold onto oxygen molecules. This ignites the reaction with the Sulfhydral (H) groups, which results in blocking the cellular respiration process of bacteria.

In many cases, the effects of colloidal silver cream work faster than expected. Just make sure, you have bought the right composition of colloidal silver cream from a reputed brand.

Potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver Cream


If you are struggling through fungal infections on your skin, the colloidal silver cream is highly recommended to you. According to a study report, colloidal silver cream has the ability to stop the growth of fungi. However, it is still not clear, whether colloidal silver can completely treat fungal infections in human or not. You must consult with an expert before using colloidal silver cream for your fungal infections.


Many studies claim that, colloidal silver has antiviral properties. Different types of nanoparticles present in colloidal silver help in killing the viral compounds. However, the effect of colloidal silver cream depends on the amount of nanoparticles present in it. It’s essential to use the appropriate composition of colloidal silver cream, which is rich in nanoparticles.


For centuries, colloidal silver solutions are used for antibacterial treatment. As colloidal silver cream reflects strong antibacterial properties, it is often used as an antibiotic for treating common skin infections or diseases. Also, colloidal silver particles are used in various healthcare products like wound creams, dressings, and other medical equipment. No doubt, the use of colloidal silver cream can greatly reduce the chances of skin infections and allergies.

In simple words, colloidal silver cream helps in treating fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. It also reflects anti-inflammatory properties, and hence used a fantastic anti-inflammatory remedy. Well, there are a lot of benefits of using colloidal silver cream.

How to Choose the Right Colloidal Silver Cream?

Buying a high-quality colloidal silver cream can be pretty confusing. Every brand claims its product as superior with a higher concentration of silver particles. In such scenarios, you need to be extra careful. Below here, some important considerations have been mentioned to help you choose the right colloidal silver cream.

Parts for Million (PPM)

You need to look for a colloidal silver cream with a lower concentration of PPM. Higher concentrations of total silver lead to risks for toxicity, and thus are restricted to use. The less is the PPM concentration, the more effective is the colloidal silver cream.

Particle size

The particle size of colloidal silver affects the effectiveness of the product. The smaller is the size, the more surface area it takes to absorb. Also, colloidal silver cream with smaller particles absorbs better on the skin.


Colloidal silver is not 100% pure, but the purity can be refined up to 999%. When you are buying the cream, make sure it uses 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water, meeting USP standards.

Positive charge

The positively charged silver ions are bioavailable. Thus, you need to buy a colloidal silver cream which has more amount of positively charged silver. Look for products with 100% positive silver ions.

You can easily find the right colloidal silver cream online. Check the above-mentioned compositions on the label of the cream, and take a quick decision. Colloidal silver creams are safe to apply on different skins. You don’t need to worry about any further infections or allergies.

To know more about colloidal silver cream, feel free to contact the industry experts.