5 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home for the New Pup

Having a pet at home is a good thing. It can bring in lot of positivity in you as well as in your house. People keep pets for various reasons like companionship, as a hobby, for health reasons and so on. You will plenty of adorable reasons to bring home a cute puppy.

There are so many breeds of dog available today. You can buy pup from small to large breeds according to your needs. But every dog starts its journey as a small little pup and when you bring them home make sure you have everything to keep them comfortable and safe.

Just like human babies, you need to puppy proof your home. Here are some of the things you can do:

#1 Find the safe place

Your pup will need a place to sleep and relax on a bed or a basket. It doesn’t matter where you want to put your pup make sure that the place is safe, ventilated and keeps the pup comfortable. Find the best corner of the house for your pup where it can call it home.

#2 Put away those chords

Electrical cords are a hazard for the pup. The pups have the habit of biting into things. They can accidentally bite into the cord and may get hurt through electrocution, burns and shocks. To prevent such accident you will need to make sure that the cords are safely tucked away where the pups cannot reach them easily.

#3 Keep toxic things away

Anything that has chemicals in it like cleaners, rat poison, medicines, sprays or insecticides make sure that they are kept away from the pup. Keep them high enough so that the pups cannot reach them. This is essential for keeping the pup safe and secure inside the house. Certain house plants are toxic too. Make sure to keep the plants away from the pups as well. Plants like azalea, calla lily, dieffenbachia, poinsettia, and philodendron are not safe for the pup. If you have these plants make sure they are away from the pup.

#4 Food items

Certain foods items are not at all good for the dogs. Things like chocolate, onions, alcohol, tea, coffee and other similar items aren’t good for the pup. Make sure that the food items are locked away safely in the fried or other place where your pup cannot reach them easily. They can get food poisoning or choke on them and it can be very fatal.

#5 Keep breakable things away

Things made from glass or electronics are breakable. Pups like to play with anything they can reach. You will need to make sure that the things are easily breakable are comfortably out of reach of the pups. This will ensure that they are completely safe.

Jason McDowell puppies are friendly, well bread and healthy. But the best and cutest pups and bring home the perfect friend. But before you bring home the pup make sure to puppy proof the place.