Rings from Israel- The Best of Wedding Bands and More

Rings made in Israel have a wide range of designs available. These rings can be found for all styles and occasions and not only as wedding bands and religious symbols.

Some of the best from among the varieties in rings made in Israel include the wedding bands, the hammered metal bands, signet rings, silver rings with embedded gemstones, the Hebrew ring, the Biblical Verse ring and the Kabbalah rings.

The Iconic Wedding Bands

The wedding rings made in Israel have a particular phrase of marriage to betroth a spouse under the Chuppah that roughly translates into “Behold you shall be-wedded to me”.

In addition to this, the rest of the inscribed phase stands for- “wedded with this band as per the Law of Moses and Israel”.

The Hammered rings

The store has a unique collection of some marvellous Jewish rings made in Israel that use hammered metal for the ancient traditional look. Some of the rings feature a hammered silver band with gold or silver lettering over the vice versa. These rings beautifully depict the Hebrew culture along with the unique fashion statement.

Signet Rings

Israel is known for its unique signet rings that have a Jewish essence over precious and semi-precious gemstones. These rings have the Star of David as the main image surrounded by symbols and texts. Signet rings are available for both men and women. While the rings for women are delicate, the male version is hefty and substantial.

Silver Rings with Gems

It isn’t an unknown fact that nothing livens up a silver ring like a sparkling gemstone! The Jewish wedding bands made in Israel are sought across the globe. The Hebrew silver rings beautifully portray the culture of the people.

A Biblical Verse Ring

The most significant aspect of a Jewish band is the mysterious meaning of the design. Rings made in Israel are engraved with Biblical verses in the original text. These lines add to the purpose of the ring. The Bible carries endless blessings for every occasion in life. Be it a joyous festival or a sorrowful phase in life, the words of the Bible remain the most potent form of truth, meaning and solace. The Israeli rings bring people closer to their religion and allow everyone to carry the blessings inherent in the most famous phrases of the Bible for all occasions.

Kabbalah Rings

The Kabbalah rings made in Israel are both, beautiful and significant works of wearable art with meaning and depth added to its essence. Kaballah rings are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern designs that symbolise wealth, health and love. These rings are believed to protect the beholder from the evil forces. The rings incorporate sterling silver, gems and gold and sometimes even leather.

The store has a fantastic selection of rings exclusive from Israel. The collections are for both men and women made from gold, silver, gemstones and Roman glass- all from Israel.