Spa on Wheels: Make Any Birthday Just Surprisingly Awesome

Birthdays are the best day of a kid’s life. They long for it and love to be dazzled and surprised on that special day. Just like their child, parents too experience a similar frenzy as they await their kid’s birthday to make it special. Themed party is one of the most amazing gifts, though with time the option of birthday gift packages are increasing. One of the latest and most surprising birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy theme is Spa on Wheels!

The theme, spa on wheel, is a very new concept and fulfilling the dream birthday party scenario of many girls. It’ll not just bring smile on your toddler’s face, but will make the entire girl gang happy. The small session inside the truck will be one of the best memories down the lane. The total girl troop will go through different beauty sessions starting from pedicure, manicure, makeup to clothing. In the meantime, they can dance, sing and practice for their first red carpet session! Let’s see how Spa on Wheels brings the party right to your door?


The interior of the trucks are given a significant look that will surely make any girl happy and ready for the spa session. Again for fun, the interior is fully furnished with beautiful decor, manicure, pedicure and makeup stations; wardrobe full of props, accessories and costumes; big Hollywood mirror, high-definition TVs, dress-up closet, disco lights, Karaoke machine with favorite tunes and enough space to accommodate children up to 24. A fun-filled wheel session!

Manicure Station:

The manicure stations are beautifully decorated with different manicure elements starting from colourful nail paints to filers to massage lotions and scrubs. Each and every girl in the party is going to come up with a clean hands and colorful nails after the session.

Pedicure Station:

After the tiring singing and dancing session and fun and frolics inside the truck, a small pedicure spa session will perk up your daughter for the ramp walk. Though it’s relaxing, it’s also fun. The inclusion of foot lotion massage, nail painting, etc. will fill the kiddo with confidence and enthusiasm for the program ahead.

Makeup Session:

Every child is beautiful and a small make up session will surely enhance their beauty. On trying different clothes and props available in the truck, a touch of makeup will complete the look. So, be it a princess, a mermaid or fairy, some nail paint, blush, glitter and tattoo will add perfection to the look. A little makeup can make you picture-perfect for photo sessions on birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy.

Fun Collection:

The spa on wheels of Houston and Katy offers an extensive wardrobe range that has an endless props collection, costumes and accessories. All these are available inside the truck to pamper the kids and treat them like princesses.

Rock the “Red” Carpet:

After wearing the perfect dress and makeup from the extensive collection, each guest will get a chance to show off their new dress and look on the pink carpet. Just love it, when they pose, dance and sing on their way down the red carpet. The friends, fans and their own paparazzi can capture them on their cameras to brace the moment forever!

What are the reasons, when spa on wheels can be hired?

This amazing spa on wheels experience is not just restricted to birthday parties for girls in Houston and Katy, rather are a perfect fit for play dates, slumber parties, fundraisers, school raffles, sleepovers, and even corporate events!

If you think your loving daughter needs to be pampered and treated like a princess on her birthday. Gift your daughter a treat to remember with spa on wheels. A memory to cherish forever!