Spooky Cupcake Topper Ideas to Decorate Your Halloween Treat Table

Think about the most interesting part of arranging a Halloween party? What is the most colourful addition to an event? Name the smallest relief to stress? Exactly… it’s the cute, colourful, yummy CUPCAKES!!! Cupcakes seem to be all the rage nowadays due to its taste, variety, color, flavour and toppers.

The love for cupcakes is increasing and raging its importance at every small and big occasion. Its taste and look have extended its reign from birthday cupcake topper variation to Halloween decoration option to Christmas treats to cake replacement and what not!

Let’s get creative this Halloween with some easy tips and tricks to spooky yet yummy Halloween cupcakes. To start the amazing spree of making cupcakes the basic things required are different flavours of whipped cream and some simple elements that one can get in the kitchen or in the chocolate house or the special Halloween shops. Let’s begin the journey:

Bloody Cupcakes:

Simple yet interesting! They may seem complicated but the procedure is easy. Those can be made by addition of white frosting and just add red food colour as a topping.

Brownie Cupcakes:

For the simplest cupcakes, add sprinkles on the creamed cupcakes and fall in love with them.

Cute Ghost Cupcakes:

Just imagine how adorable will they look! On the chocolate cupcakes add some coloured whipped cream and on it place meringue and dot it for a facial appearance. The labour will be worth!

Frankenstein Cupcakes:

Favourites! On the simple cupcakes, add a layer of whipped cream of your choice, then small chocolates for eyes and top it with sprinkles or peanut butter to enhance the look and the sweetness.

Gravestone Cupcakes:

Easy to make, after the addition of whipped cream add-on some Oreo with RIP creamed over it. Instead of Oreo, one can use sugar sheets or candies.

Skeleton Cupcakes:

Are you ready to eat the skeleton that is made up of pretzel ribs and marshmallow heads.

Spider Cupcakes:

Very easy, cut some licorice for legs, small candies for eyes, chocolate cream for body and black or brown sprinkles for spidery look.

Spider Web Cupcakes:

Get some flavoured cupcakes than add some amazing toppers like chocolates, jams, sprinklers. In place of icing, add some melted mini marshmallows and stretch them all over the toppings to create the perfect web look!

Stencilled Cupcakes:

Use some stencils on chocolate sheets to get cut-outs of bats and spiders to elaborate the scary designs on the homemade cupcakes.

Witchy cupcakes:

Its simple get some chocolate cupcakes, first top them with whipped cream and later add on different coloured and sized bubble gums.

All the aforementioned designs of cup cakes will surely add an enchantment to your treat table. It might need a little bit of devotion and hardwork, but after the look and taste – the feel will be just amazing.

Some simple ideas can make any event amazing and these additions to your Halloween will surely add a spark to the table. The amazing cupcakes will be difficult to resist for both the kids and the adults of your family. Not only Halloween, amazing topping ideas can make any event the most delicious one!