Take a Glance at Top 10 Reason to Fall In Love with Costa Rica

There are countries that possess divinely inspired natural landscapes and Costa Rica is one among them! This place boasts a higher biodiversity than the combined result of Europe and the United States. The vacation planning service package consists of volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and forests packed with wildlife and birds, and adventure activity. Costa Rica has something for everyone!

In the blog, you will come across 10 certain reasons that put this Central American country on every traveler’s wishlist:

#1 Forests

Another captivation of Costa Rica is its magical forests. You will get enchanted by the lively sounds of insects and birds and the fresh smell that flows all around. A huge part of the country is forested with tropical rainforests and cloud forests, which you can explore by hiking or walk over the shaky suspension bridges.

#2 Happiness

Costa Rica is ranked as the happiest country in the world with its high-quality living, small ecological footprint, and high life expectancy rate. It’s among the most peaceful Latin America countries as it abolished its army in 1949 and till date has faced no issues.  The natives believe in “Pura Vida” i.e. good life and chant it all the time with a smile on their faces. It’s inspiring and incredible to spend time in Costa Rica that invested much in happy living. You can learn much from the life approach of Costa Ricans’!

#3 Eco Tourism

Costa Rica wears its green credentials very proudly on its sleeves. It’s among the top eco-tourism destinations in the world as over a quarter of Costa Rica land is protected by the government and is actively working to become the first carbon-neutral nation by 2021. Costa Rica’s eco-commitment is seriously taken by the locals and vacation planning service providers. For instance, every hotel has water coolers to discard plastic bottle usage and recycling bins are present everywhere!

#4 Birds

This place has a gigantic bird’s species, numerically 900, from the incredibly glorious scarlet macaws to beautiful green-and-red resplendent quetzal to jewel-colored hummingbirds. It is a heaven for bird watchers!

#5 Wildlife

Costa Rica is just splendid when it comes to wildlife. It’s a home to almost 4% of the world’s total species, which is BIG for such a small country. Indeed, it’s one of the planet’s most biodiverse nations. You can glimpse into staggeringly diverse species of snakes, frogs, butterflies, cute sloths, anteaters, monkeys, bats, caimans, and rare cats (pumas, ocelots, jaguars). During your tour, you can encounter Costa Rica wildlife!

#6 Zip lining and Adventures Activities

This place is a dream destination for adventure lover. Wherever you move, you can come across some adrenaline-inducing activity awaiting you starting from zip lining through forests, white water rafting, kayaking, horse riding and what not! Enjoy canyoneering in the Lost Canyon of Arenal volcano that includes scrambling through the canyon, abseiling down sheer rock faces and jumping into cold pool covered with trees.

#7 Surfing

It’s a haven for surfers due to its great swells and breaks and year-round warm water. Both the sides of Costa Rica offer perfect spots for water activities. There are numerous retreats and surfing schools available along the coastline to heighten the fun more.

#8 Turtles

On the Caribbean coast lays Tortuguero National Park, which is a nesting ground for green turtles. During the nesting period, as many as 700 turtles lay their eggs on the protected beach line. You can hire guides to watch turtles nesting at night – a truly magical experience!

#9 Volcanoes

Costa Rica lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire and hubs around 122 volcanoes among which four are active. The most famous is Arenal volcanoes, which was active till 2010 and does smoke constantly. Enjoy mountain biking and hiking on these lush hilly slopes and soak in hot springs.

#10 Beaches

Costa Rica has the Caribbean on the east and the Pacific on the west. The country is stretched over 1500 kilometers of beautiful coastline heaved with sand color ranging from icing sugar to cappuccino. The coastlines are outlined by rainforests and palm trees. While strolling around the perfect beaches, you can spot on lizards, birds, monkeys, and sloths. The best vacation planning service providers can pack wildlife walk and beach bumming together for amusement!