The Secrets Behind the Success of a Blog Post

Every writer posts their blogs with the hope to be seen and recognized by readers and viewers. That’s absolutely normal! But only some blogs reach the correct audience, if you desire to become the one, then you need to understand the secrets that help your blog stand out among all blogs and rank well. Moreover, there are top blogging platform that boosts your performance and level by pointing out your errors, use them!

Blogs are like an asset in the e-commerce marketing world and top blogging platforms are the battle ground. If you are afraid that you aren’t an SEO expert and how will you maintain a consistent rank in the search engines. Then stick to the following points to get to rank well in return of your blog post.


This is the ultimate element of any blog post. If you have gained bit knowledge on search engine optimization, then you must be familiar with the importance of keywords and their placements. There are different types of keywords and one among them is the long tail keyword. To be very precise, long tail keywords are a variation of core keywords with some extra words attached to it. It has gained a good position in the current market due to its benefits. Note the important benefits – usually have less competition in comparison to the shorter keywords and have a high tendency to rank well due to its highly targeted nature.

Again, remember there are certain things like keyword density and keyword placement that is important to understand to avoid the issues of stuffing your blog posts with tons of keywords. Try not to make it clumsy and focus on one or two core keywords to maintain a natural flow of the blog.

Google with time is becoming strict towards the contents posted and this search engine strictly points out practice of keyword spamming that won’t lead you to any better place. Thereby, focus on few keywords to fulfil the objective of your start and maintain the natural flow. If you aren’t sure about your keyword selection, learn about them online and start using properly!


People new in the blog world, eventually understand the importance of building blogs that link to other sources. This idea plays a crucial role in uplifting your blog’s market position. Linking to other websites gives your audience a better scope of reading more as well as portrays your depth of research regarding the topic. It increases your credibility from reputable sources.


This factor plays an important role on the ranking of your blog post. The internal linkage facilitates the crawling process better and allows the bots of Google to create a highly visible and clearer sitemap. This will not just work as an aid for your blog but also assist many other obscure posts to get levelled up.

Longer Posts:

Though the attention span is getting shorter and shorter day by day, short reader posts won’t win the battle in this case. Keep on writing, make it bigger, so that Google bots can easily go through them. Till date Google privileges longer posts and in most case the higher ranked post are lengthy, which helps them boost their rankings. However it’s very important to keep the content spick and span so that it becomes easy to scan by the readers. Add a pin-pointed header that reflects the total story written below in the blog. Let the readers get the gist of the entire write-up just by reading the title.

Writing a blog post may not be rocket science but maintaining its position is not a small story too. So understand the secrets that will help you create an amazing blog as well as maintain a good position on the search engine!