Traveling to Sitges – Top 5 Things One Must Do

Traveling to the most exotic destination of the world are quite adventurous and exciting. Traveling breaks the monotony of everyday and take a jump into the vast abyss of fun and pleasure. It helps you to learn new things about yourself that you were previously unaware of and helps you push boundaries. You will feel more relaxed and satisfied after visiting an unknown city in Spain. The spectacular landscape, the elegant and stylish architects, and its atmosphere of bohemian luxury will let you unwind and relax.

Sitges is a beautiful destination for travelers and holiday-goers. It witnesses sun-kissed beaches a Catalonian region, seafront promenade lined with grand location apartment in Sitges. The town is like a sultry snake, which slithers in a beautiful formation and slides gradually up the mountains. Its winding streets are utterly charming,with whitewashed houses and ochre building sets a mind-boggling view against the azure blue-green Mediterranean sea. Let’s come down to the special attractions of Sitges, which makes it more attractive.

Here are top 5 things to do while traveling to Sitges

Places to Visit:

Sitges offers visitors a beautiful place to roam and explore. It’s like the saint topez of  Spain and popularly known for gay party and events. There are many picturesque beaches, which are no doubt the major attraction of this town. This place has three main museums which are – Museu Romántic, Museu Marical, Museu Cau Ferrat and Sitges Church. Sitges is called the Cementari San Sebastian. It is adorned with a tombstone and beautiful sculpture all around. If you look down from a spot on high, the entire cementery will make a interesting place to take a walk.

Food and drink:

This place offers visitors an extraordinary cuisine. Rice, fish, and the famous xató are available in the front of the seafront in Sitges. Malvasia de Sitges, as a sweet dessert wine, aromatic, made from the grapes is quite popular there. It has received an international recognition for taste. But, one must forget to taste the typical Spanish tapas bars serving the best mini-meals.


Sitges thrives to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. There are many exotic apartments at different location of the town, which suits the needs of most travelers. All of location apartment in Sitges is available for rent. There are one bedroom or two bedroom flats with all basic amenities and better facilities. Travelers can have a more spacious and more private alternative to a luxury hotel.

Concert and shows:

Sitges offers visitors not only a pleasant and pretty coastal village and magnificent spaces for visiting Sitges also offer many events, activities, festivals that make its cultural and artistic life transcend beyond the Mediterranean’s Sea waters. Sitges is internationally known for the international Film Festivals, the Carnival, the Gay Pride, Car Rally Barcelona, The International Tango Festival and popular folk characters.


After having such a wide-range of classy clothing establishments, Sitges is definitely one of the best place for shopoholic personals. Most of the businesses are small shops with a family atmosphere and unique products, which steer clear of all the standard options. The town has free opening hours and many stores are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

These are the 5 most important things to do while traveling to Sitges. It will help you to know the different culture, cuisine and traditions in a close way. It will be a deep soul nourishing experience to go Sitges and lose yourself in deep valleys, majestic mountains and seldom ventured high terrains of Spain.