What Are The Best Electric Ride On Cars For Kids?

Kids of the present generation are quite advanced and love experimenting and discovering new things. We, as parents, want to give them everything they demand to satiate their curiosity level. Kids are quite fond of toys, and most of the kids of the present generation are familiar with most of the toys!

Many researchers have proved that toys enable the kids to master abilities like dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and even develop cognitive abilities.

Nowadays, kids are no fonder of the miniature car toys as the kids of eighties or nineties were but want something more real and exciting like a real car toy.

There are many realistic toy cars available in the market mostly controlled by a battery, which gives the kids a real driving experience.

Any parent would love to see their Kids ride on cars that are somehow realistic and further safer for the little ones to handle.

But people are just overwhelmed as there are plenty of choices and it is confusing as which one would be a perfect fit for your kid.

Many brands are manufacturing cars for kids, and each comes with a different color, pattern, safety standards, and patterns.

Given below are few cars and how they are ideal for your kids

12Volt two seats kids electric car Mercedes-Benz GLC63S:

This model comprises of 12 volts and is a dual seat kid’s car. Different battery and motors could be fit in the car as per the convenience.

Other features would include one switch button starting

  1. It is enabled with both forward and backward function.
  2. It has sound control features enabled in it.
  3. It is featured with both front and back LED lights.
  4. The steering wheel is featured with automatic music.
  5. The car doors are realistic and openable.

It has suspension to absorb the shock and comes with seat belts for extra protection as is found in real cars. The maximum load capacity is 40 KGS. The speed limit is 3-5 km per hour.

Battery powered cars for kids Ford FocusRS:

This model is ideally designed for boys and girls ranging from 2 to 5 years old. The maximum weight of the rider should not cross 30 KGS. It needs the supervision of an adult.

It is enabled with both forward and reverses function. The car should not be run on sand, mud or grass but only on paved flat surfaces.

It has a parental remote control system with remote STOP function and soft start function.

The steering wheels are enabled with music function for indicating a change in direction.

Further, like real cars, it has realistic openable doors and hood and Spring Shock absorbers.

The car has integrated MP3 Player with AUX MP3 Audio Input, USB Flash Drive, and Bluetooth, available for Smartphone.

The battery charging time is automatically controlled with charging time of 1 to 8 hours, riding time of 1 to 2 hours with 12V 1000MA Charger.

Toy cars for toddlers BMW GT:

This fun car for toddlers has numerous features like it starts with one button press; it is enabled with both forward and backward function.

It has sound control aspect. It is enabled with Front and back LED light both working.

The steering wheel is enabled with an inbuilt music system which automatically turns on when the steering wheel is rotated.

It is featured with realistic openable doors.

It comes with back suspension for absorbing shock.

Like every vehicle, it has a seat belt for safety. The maximum and minimum speed is 3KM/hr. Available colors are black, red, and white.


It is featured with a power indicator, USB, RADIO, SD, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz parental remote control, perfect spring suspension.

It is approved and manufactured under official license of Volkswagen. It is ideal for boys and girls 2 to 5 years old but demands supervision of adults and the rider should not be above the weight of 30kgs.

It can run with one 12V, 4.5AH Rechargeable battery, two motors.

It has both forward and reverse function. It is designed for running in paved flat surfaces, and one should avoid grass, mud, and sand.

It is designed with 2.4 GHz Parental Remote Control with remote STOP and soft start function.

It has realistic openable doors and spring shock absorbers.

The battery charging time takes about 1 to 8 hours and contributes to 1 to 2 hours of ride depending upon ride conditions.

12V Kids Ride On Car with remote control:

It is featured with single button starting. It has both forward and backward function. It is enabled with sound control facility. It is featured with both Front and back LED light that too in working conditions. It is enabled with both USB socket, mp3 hole function. It comes with back suspension. It has LED lights on the dashboard. It has a realistic openable window. Realistic seat belt ensures safety. The car to ensure safety for kids has a maximum speed limit of 3-5KM per hour.

Electric Ride on Bentley EXP12:

Featured with single button starting, and forward and backward function replicates a real car. Like all real car, it has sound control, front and back LED lights in working conditions.  It comes with a music system enabled in the steering wheel to indicate a change in direction; it has realistic openable doors. It has a maximum speed of 3Km per hour to 5 KM per hour.  The maximum capacity being 30 KGs it is ideal for a kid and should not exceed the weight limit to ensure safety.

What makes these cars ideal for Kids and Tips?

  • Safety: The first and foremost thing you would like to consider when buying cars for kids is safety. Even though the cars cost you millions of dollars but if it is not safe, then it is not worth investing. One should look for battery controlled, double door and comfortable seats when investing in a car for a kid. Further, if these features are missing, you should not purchase the car.
  • Good Supplier: It is advised to buy the kid’s cars from a reputed supplier. The reason being you can contact him in case your product is damaged during delivery. Further many of them provide warranty on the vehicles part so you can ask for replacing the parts if they are damaged without any fault from your end.