Why Are Influencers Effective for Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is considered to be the simplest and easiest method to attract and engage audiences with a purpose of making profitable customer action such as buying a product. Marketing and advertising with content help depict positive results on digital marketing platforms such as social media.

According to research studies, brands like Coca-Cola can gain sales from social media posts since the company has 57 million genuine followers. Likewise, Red Bull has created a content marketing strategy with YouTube videos which has nearly 6000 subscribers. However, the vast majority of firms who are not in a privileged position will be limited by the size of their following.

These businesses need to invest in some targeted approach that can publicize the content. No matter how well content is written, it will go unread or unwatched if no one promotes it. For that reason, business owners need to do influencer marketing services to obtain more visibility for the published content.

How to Use influencer marketing for Content Marketing?

Influencer marketing serves as an amplifier for content marketing. As we all know, successful promotion and advertisement for any content require some degree of resources and thoughtfulness as creating quality content does. But, content marketing fails in producing long-term results. Influencer marketing service increases the outreach of the post by utilizing various marketing techniques.

Take for example; posting a blog with the help of an influencer marketing plan helps you generate more inbound and outbound links. Much of those links promote your brands, your products and sometimes relevant services customers are desperately seeking.  This increases sales and traffic to websites assisting in generating more trust for the brand. Content shared through influencers accounts for 3-10 times of conversion rate compared to content promoted without any marketing material. For better outcomes, you can request for writing and post blog contents from influencers directly. This ensures a higher success rate as they are knowledgeable of their targeted readers greater than anyone else.

What are the benefits of influencer marketing for content promotion?

Increased content reach –

Integration of an influencer marketing increases content outreach through advertisement and promotion on social media channels. Other marketing mediums are also utilized for sharp growth and fast response.

Control over content –

Brands having influencer marketing services have complete control over the content. Influencers have all the knowledge and earn the right to control content for better advertisement of the material.

Wider audience growth-

Influencer marketing outreach will increase rapidly by 2020, as predicted by Forbes. Content marketing only focuses on traffic, more likes and coverage, but they miss to establish a customer relationship. Influencers focus on bringing value to the relationship, and not just the brand. So, post gains more engagement and increases audience response.

Authentic inbound links –

Content marketing only focuses on traffic, and more likes and coverage, but fails to establish a customer relationship. Influencers focus on bringing value to a relationship, and not just the brand. So, post gains more engagement and increases audience response.

The SEO benefits of influencer marketing are unarguable the top of everything you consider for brand advertisement on online channels. Development of a trustworthy relationship with customers or readers helps to generate inbound links from the content.  In turn, it helps in increasing the ranks on Google and other search traffic as well. Backlinks are ranked as a vote of confidence about the quality and reliability of a website.

These are some of the common benefits of using influencer marketing services and content strategy for your business. Not all business can take the advantage of Influencer services, so be specific with your choice of industry. You can even ask influencers to write and promote content for better ranking and visibility in the audience.

In a nutshell

Influencer marketing is no less than an advantage for a content marketer. If you are not satisfied with the customer responses and outcomes, rethink about having an influencer by your side. Choose a reliable partner who is well-versed in PR marketing, CMO and influencer marketing. Sign in to Mariposa Communications for best results today!