Wood Case Watch – Types And Favorable Options In The Market

Are wood watches still in style? This is one common question you come across while styling up your personality. Whether flaunting an ethnic wear or just aiming for that casual fit, wood case watch can match any form of attire. It is all about classic style and how you are carrying it. Now, this form of style is relatively old as it has been around for 5+ years. But, this is one of those trends which took time to hold its place in this highly fashionable world. The interesting part is that this style kept on growing and now everyone has at least one wooden watch under their hold.

Go for the types:

It is always mandatory to check out the styles first and the wooden types used for manufacturing these watches. Strong and durable watches are widely used and there will be a difference in its grain or pattern. So, why waste time and let’s learn about those types first:

  • The most promising option is one made out of maple wood. It has a fine and even texture with medium durability. The color variations are white or cream with golden or red hue.
  • Another option is ebony, with the same fine and even texture. It is very high in durability rate and comes in black color with dark streaks.
  • Another interesting wooden watch option is the one made out of teak, where the texture remains a bit coarse and uneven. The colors are widely golden or in medium brown.
  • Zebrawood is one with high shine and course texture. It has open pores and the durability rate is pretty high. Such wooden watches are available in light brown or cream colored base with darker streaks.

The best options in the market:

Are you planning to invest some dollars on wood case watch? If so, then log online and you will be bombarded with so many options. It really becomes difficult to choose only one option among the lot, but some major ones are now listed below.

  • If you have around $85 to spare, go for the Nemesis Dark wood case watch. It comes with vintage leather cuff band.
  • Another option is the Natural wooden case from nemesis as well. Here, it has vintage X leather cuff band and the watch will cost you around $80.
  • If you want some rick wooden patterns, aim for the nemesis Dark wooden case watch. It has the same vintage leather cuff band and will be somewhat within $85.
  • For addressing a bit of style to your watch collection, go for the nemesis nature wood watch, which comes with a tiger face imprinted on the dial. It has vintage leather cuff band for premium durability.

The basic price range:

It is hard to pinpoint a set rate for the wood case watch. Depending on the manufacturing unit and the features included, prices are subject to differ. However, the basic rate ranges between $70 and $90. Remember to go through all the options before finally making a selective choice.