Thinking on How to Start the Journey of Yoga Teacher Training? 7 Tips

Have the idea of teaching yoga every crossed your mind? Are you in a mood to deepen your emotional, intellectual, and physical level? Have you thought of applying for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh? If the answers to the questions are YES, then this blog is a MUST READ!

If the answers to the above-mentioned questions are YES, then for sure you may be more ready than you think…Here are the top 7 reasons you need to take care of while starting the journey as a yoga teacher in training institutes of India.

Curiosity for Learning Yoga:

People think yoga is just about the ashanas but no it’s lots more about the breathing patterns and yoga sutras. When on the path of being a teacher, gain the enthusiasm to dig deeper into the world of yogic philosophies that will increase your knowledge on yoga and make you a better teacher. If you are ready to live a peaceful and mindful life, yoga will be your ultimate tool!

Leave Ego at the Door:

If you are ready to become a source of inspiration & activation, deflate your ego. To gain expertise in the world of yoga, initially you have to be a student that will help you transform into a guru. Learning is a never ending process and to achieve better you need to keep your ego aside and learn the tips and tricks from every benefactors. Stay grounded so you can learn about human perspective. Lastly, never get confused between confidence and ego – sign of good teacher.

Passionate about Yoga and Want to Share:

whether practicing for months or years, you know your love for yoga. Be passionate about it! You can figure out all benefits it bought into your life and forget not to spread good things among your family and friends, who need it. Be commitment, if someone asks you to go to Happy Hour on Friday night, have the courage to stick to the best thing.

Love to Learn:

Be a “student of life”, after your day job take out time to learn more on what you like. Being at the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh you can learn much more about the environment. Read more, explore things, and be a part of philosophical discussions that can leverage your knowledge on mechanics of the body and specific yoga pose that enhances your body’s working. A teacher’s training will impart a wealthy knowledge on yoga!

Meditate More:

A rumor in yoga states that “you don’t have to have a meditation practice to participate in a yogic training”. Meditation plays a vital role in the yogic life. If you have a special corner for meditation, it will make many thing easy for you unlike the other trainees. Adding it in your daily regime will make your emotionally and mentally strong to handle mood and temperaments better!

Ready for a Change in Life:

If you want to dig deeper to understand yourself, want something bigger in life, and ready to get a healthy change in life, this can be the right time to invest time in yoga classes. Some people attend YTT to become teachers while do it to deepen their personal practice. When starting with yoga, be open and eager to embrace change that will transform your life with positivity and leave you with a life-enhancing experience.

Art of Handstand and Child’s Pose:

Let’s dispel another YTT rumors, you need to be QUALIFIED enough to attend yoga teacher training, such as you need to be perfect in handstand or side crow. To be precise, knowing the art of arm balances and inversions doesn’t make you advanced yogi! A much greater indication that it’s time to attend a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is that you are capable enough to understand the demand of your body and wishes of your heart. Bring pace to your learning and be calm enough to understand the art and that will define your capabilities as a future teacher better.

Adopt positivity in life, think of being the change and let YOGA be your new partner in leading a life of betterment!