Nurture Your Love with a Romantic Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is claimed to be one of the happiest places on Earth. Maybe this is the reason why many people begin their married lives with honeymoons in this country? Or perhaps the natural effects of this magical place entice newlyweds to experience the best romance in a natural setting? Many globetrotters, magazines, and blogs recommend a visit to Costa Rica at least once in the life time. The country placed among Nicaragua, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and Ecuador has all amenities for the couples in love. Just get your discount vacation Costa Rica package and enjoy a happy time embracing nature in your arms.

On picking honeymoon packages, you get an access to tailor-made packages for couples in love, who only have an eye for each other. The romantic packages include adults-only hotels and activities to keep the couples tied to each other so that their love may flourish and before the trip ends, they get to know each other to a great extent.

Peek into the top romantic experiences of Costa Rica that’ll heighten the feeling more and more every day:

Enjoy Romantic Dinner on the Beach –

By the coast, you may find numerous places to enjoy your dinner. The choice is absolutely yours, opt for a super elegant hotel or enjoy a platter of food in the secluded oceanfront region. Every small or renowned restaurant along the sea offers specially created meal and beautiful options for embracing signature sights while the sea does its best serenade.

Couples Massage –

Certainly lot of packages chosen by the couples offer the chance of spending an intimate time together, enjoying the benefits of couple massage. After a tiring day, you can relax completely with your partner with the option of full body massage. This session includes some reflexology on your feet that’ll be taken care of by professional massage expert in the privacy of your bungalow for stress-reduction, muscle-relaxation, energized spirit, and happy couple time.

Arenal Volcano –

Until recently, Arenal volcano used to be one among the active volcanoes in the world. Right now, visitors hike over an old lava flow from its major eruption back in 1968. The main draws of this place are steamy hot springs, tropical adventure, picturesque surrounding areas with beautiful flora and fauna, and majestic views of this colossal giant. The famous Tabacon hot springs amid the rainforest is a perfect place for couples to gaze into their partner’s eyes while letting the hot mineral water heal the skin and balance the nervous system. Enjoy trekking around the Arenal on hanging bridges or on a zipline adventure catch rainforest canopy views.

Wind up your day with Sunsets –

This is the most interesting part of any trip when you sit along a beachside holding a glass of wine in one hand and on the other gripping your soul mate’s hand. Of course, this is the most romantic part of a discount vacation Costa Rica package that is available every day around six ‘O’ clock in the evening. Undoubtedly, in this place part of Central America, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the world sometimes which includes beautiful colors of nature!

Safari Raft Boat Tour –

Let your adventurous side be experienced by your partner while floating down one of Costa Rica’s beautiful rivers and spotting tropical rainforest birds, monkeys, iguanas, sloths, etc. This will give you introduce to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and help attach more sting to the nature.

Visit Puerto Viejo, Limon –

This place calls you for a mesmerizing time with the Caribbean Ocean! In this part of the state, you can experience the Caribbean traditions and get a rich taste of Costa Rican flavors. The village of Puerto Viejo hold on to a laid-back quality to have a great time around in open-air bars and yummy eateries, surfing privileges, and check out some Rasta’s walking around with their dreadlocks swinging to reggae and calypso music.

Witness the enthralling amusement of Costa Rica around the green ridges, white sandy beaches, a clear blue sky and a big diversity of flora and fauna. All these beauties in the discount vacation Costa Rica package epitomizes the best of this state and pours the blessing of nature on every couple.