Features and Advantages of Student Information System Software

Education system is termed as the backbone of the society and a well-developed nation. This crucially leverages nurturing of the young talents that ultimately focuses on the holistic development, which includes the extensive use of advanced technology. Currently, schools, colleges and different educational hubs are exploiting smart educational technologies to achieve their objectives. One such software is student information system that plays an important role in saving and dealing with student’s information.

Key Features of Student Information System Software:

This software is an integrated solution that easily manages Learning Management, School Management, and Student Information Management.

  • The software is quite responsive and works easily on different devices like mobile, desktop, or tablets. Works on different browsers and supports any operating system.
  • Don’t fret about extra expense as it provides high efficiency and security with the cloud based architecture solution.
  • With the SaaS software distribution model, the requirement of setup fees, upfront or down payments gets cancelled. The implementation time also gets reduced hugely as you just need to register your account and get set go!
  • It work multiple school operation just by adding the administer group of schools under the same organization within one account.
  • It builds a proper fees structure by keeping track on reports regarding fees payments, fees types, and fees collections by receipt, by fee, or by student.
  • Manage payroll of every employee with payroll settings according to the working time and overtime formulas regulated by the organization. Runs payroll and automatic calculation of salaries with basic, unpaid leaves, allowances, overtime, deductions, and generate payroll monthly reports.
  • Easily manages the expenses by creating different expenses types sheets. On the top of it manages and enters all debit and credit entry in the journal automatically.
  • The financial accounting is made easy with double-entry system, general ledger, income statement, trial balance, chart of accounts, general journal, and balance sheet.
  • Adds up the leaves and manages paid or unpaid employee leaves on monthly and annual basis. It also takes care of allowance and deduction of all employees or specific employee.
  • The advanced system easily manages the vehicle routes and handles transport fees per route.
  • It’s a great tool for teachers that helps to upload the courses, create lessons under each unit, divide course into units, and manage all lesson’s files in different versions like PDF documents, word documents, and video or audio media files.
  • At the end of the school year, this software works to let you know about student’s promotion and failure. It considers the capabilities and marks and checks whether student is qualified to upper grade or remains in their current grade.
  • Avails previous year’s report cards to keep a good track on the career graph of the student.

Advantages of incorporating student information system in schools:

  • It’s an amazing internet based intuitive user interface that pioneers different feature.
  • It smartly manages all the data related to staffs, students, and parents.
  • It emphasizes on the success percentage and student performance rate.
  • It remarkable simplifies and streamlines everyday administrative tasks.
  • It’s easy to handle and manages all chaotic schedules without any stress or work overload.
  • It keeps a perfect track on students study graph and manages teacher and parent communication.

This student information system adopted by schools and educational hubs works all through the entire student life to keep an easy track of things happened. The software manages each and every data making data management easy like never before!